Friday, 25 October 2013

The Clocks are changing!

Look out for the Clocks changing this weekend..

We will be feeding the kites at 3pm today, and Saturday, but from Sunday (27th October) feeding will be at 2pm right through to the end of March (when the clocks change once again). 
 We can't tell the birds that the clocks have changed..

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hundreds of red kites, and a red helicopter drops in..

I'm back on the farm after a spell away for treatment in an oxfordshire hospital :-|.

Colin Horlock is feeding the kites, and there are a huge number of these birds to feed at this time of year!

The meat supply has been a lagging behind our needs this autumn, but I've now been assured that the problems are resolved and that we will have the opportunity to buy a far greater amount from this coming Monday and onwards. 

Back in August an elderly lady was taken ill while down at the hides. The air ambulance was called in and landed close to the kite feeding hides. 
The donkeys were over interested in the flying machine and had to be dissuaded from pulling cables etc. from the helicopter.

The helicopter took off with its passenger strapped inside and left us at great speed (Hereford is 45 miles, and arrival was expected in 20 minutes!).
We’ve since learned that the lady recovered well and was discharged a day or so later. 

Plans are going ahead with our new Cafe. We are aiming to open for March 2014, just a few months to finalise things and get everything in place.