Monday, 12 August 2013

Birds in Rehabilitation

We have had four red kites in one of our rehabilitation aviaries for the past couple of weeks. Each had a different malady. 

Two were released this morning, having recovered enough to go back and fend for themselves. 

Those remaining will stay here until their feathers have filled 1

We also had a sparrowhawk brought in last week, having had an altercation with a cat!
Happily this bird was released yesterday, and after a quick rest on top of the aviary. flew off with speed across the fields.

The number of red kites currently feeding here are around 250/300 daily.

In August the timing of the kites arrival can go a little astray.. I think the latest we've seen so far is 4:20pm, but most days the are still on time for the 3pm feed/.

Colin Horlock is now feeding every day, as I have some health issues to deal with in the short term.

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