Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Clocks are Changing!

The Clocks are changing once again, so the red kite feeding will also change to its summer time as we can't tell the birds of the change.So, on Saturday 24th March we will be feeding at 2pm, but from Sunday 25th March, feeding will be at the new time of 3pm.

The White Kite

The White Red Kite Chick has now left to have the attempt of adding feathers to its wing, The bird had lost 3 primary feathers before arriving here, and this led the kite to fly at an angle.

'V' spent little time with us as all was required was little TLC, and food.

Here the bird is, sitting on a post just outside the rehab units..

And, here we are, aloft..

With cooler temperatures with us again, numbers of kites attending the feeding station have again risen. There are two white kites coming for food, they are sometimes both there on the same day. The birds are again coming in for food as soon as it hits the ground.

The 'Countryside Care Group' are here this weekend, and will be making sure all the signage around the farm trail is renewed. The signs are doing their work as we've not lost anyone on the trail yet..