Wednesday, 14 September 2011

White red kite turns up near Boston (Lincolnshire)

One of the kites we had in for rehabilitation, and returned to the wild, has turned up near Boston, Lincolnshire! Some 280 kilometers.. The search is now on for someone, traveling from Lincolnshire to Wales, to bring the kite back. Its a white kite so likely to be bullied by other birds and this 
may have been part of the story behind its epic journey.

The link below allows you to download the entire Northern Ireland Autumn Newsletter.
The kites, from Wales, appear to be making good progress..

The photograph on the left was taken quite by chance as the kites were sitting close enough for such a shot, unfortunately the kite moved so the complete portrait was missed..

The BBC Countryside Tracks programme went out as expected on Sunday, and was well received. Another BBC programme is penned in for recording at Gigrin in October 2011.

Between 300 and 350 kites were feeding today. These numbers will increase quite quickly as autumn approaches.

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