Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Red Kite numbers rise + On BBC 11/09/11

Immature red kite circles the feeding station

Gigrin is due to be featured on Country Tracks ,
BBC 1, 11am, Sunday 11th September.

As autumn gets nearer the number of red kites coming to Gigrin red kite centre is on the rise again.  Between 200 and 300 are now feeding, and come in right on time. 

White Kite eats its spoil

This is in marked contrast to the hottest days in August, when the kites would take to the thermals, and appear in small numbers, up to an hour after the food had been laid out for them.

 All hung on the arrival of crows, as seeing the food eaten by another species was the catalyst for the resumption of normal service.
 On these hot days it was around 5pm before the mass of kites descended.

The White kites are here almost every day and always cause a stir when first seen.

Some of those visiting are this years young and can be seen having to take several attempts to take meat from the field.

We have had 3 red kites and 2 buzzards in for rehabilitation over the last month. These included an immature white red kite.

More images of these birds will be in the next post.

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