Thursday, 24 March 2011

Clocks are changing - 3pm feeding from the 27th

We had a surprise visitor last Saturday - Simon King! He came to the farm with his son, and they watched the kite feeding before coming to my office for a chat. 
Once here it was explained to me some of the exciting things that are now possible and how these are used on his web site, and in addition, how Gigrin could become part of that.

It is all very exciting – details of which are to be published in time.

The Clocks are changing this weekend so while feeding will be at 2pm on Saturday 26 March it will change to 3pm from Sunday 27 March. We have to do this, as we cannot tell the birds that the clocks change.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Back on line..

I left the farm for a 7 day break and came back to find a number of problems had arisen. The most important of these was the lack of telephone service.
During the replacement of a window, a lead had been pulled out of its socket and this had not been noticed over the week of my absence.
Please accept our apologies if you had urgent need to get in touch over this time.

The kites are once again the first to take food from the field. We did go through a patch where they waited fro the crows to alight but they now come straight in in numbers without the need to see other species take food.
Numbers feeding are anything from 300 – 400 on a daily basis.

Max is suffering from a condition of the eyes called macular degeneration and we were of the understanding that this was untreatable. However, on receiving correspondence, and a number of pots of pills, from the managing director of Cytoplan Ltd, there is now more than hope that the condition can be halted or even reversed over time.