Saturday, 13 November 2010

White Red Kite and hundreds of red ones

Gigrin has seen a great many kites feeding in past winters but, on the cooler days these past weeks, there have been more than can be counted, and the white red kite is now also making daily appearances.

 As our meat chiller only keeps its contents fresh for a week, and during the Christmas period, there are no deliveries for 2 weeks, obtaining enough food for the birds has been an annual headache.

Therefore, we have now invested in two commercial deep freezes. We receive deliveries twice a week. As we know how much is required on a weekly basis when cutting the supplies up, any quantity beyond those needs will be frozen for the emergency that Christmas brings us.
 That's the plan anyway.
Nikon Uk are holding a Photography Course here on the 26th January 2011.
Bookings can be made here. That will be a date to look out for.

If the weather is kind this coming week, and if you visit the feeding centre, you may see me with a strange looking contraption strapped to my hat..
This is will be a HD video camera and I'm hoping it will capture the kites as they swoop down in front of me as I put out the food.

I'll upload some footage if I end up with anything good enough.

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  1. Looking forward to Xmas Chris, book some snow for. Now it seems you can call yourself a real camera head.