Monday, 29 November 2010

Brrrrrrr its cold!!

With 5” of snow on the ground and punishing frosts at night, it’s been touch and go on starting the vehicles.
The Blue tractor got going just in time to feed the kites yesterday as the normal one wouldn't even turn over after 4 hours of battery charging. I'm sure in the current weather the kites would not have minded if I'd used any sort of transport for the meat as they poured in. The movie below is quite short but will give an idea of the numbers of grateful birds attending the feeding session.

 There is a larger movie on the gigrin site - click here

A coach made it up to the farmyard yesterday - much to everyone’s surprise, as 2 wheel drive cars are still unable to get up the bank.
I expect the weight of the vehicle made for much more grip on the slippery surfaces. Only 4x4s have been able to come up to the farmyard so the offer from Brynafon still stands - their car park may be used for 2 wheel drive cars.
Chris Wells, an ornithologist from Hereford was watching the feeding from a bank overlooking the area and estimated that a good 600 red kites were present for lunch today. 

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