Sunday, 15 August 2010

The rehab unit has been busy this week. .

The rehab unit has been busy again this week with the release of the now fit young kite here on the farm, and another being brought in, again because of being underweight.

 With around 250 - 300 red kites presently taking advantage of the feeding centre it has been almost a daily occurrence that the kites have been late for lunch.

This has been caused by a lack of rooks.
 These birds have headed for the hills for the remainder of the summer so leaving magpies, carrion crows, or buzzards to show the kites that the food is going to be taken if they don't hurry.

Today was no exception with a heavy rain storm coming in just as the food was put out. The rain saturated the flight feathers of the birds so it was inevitable that there would be a wait  and sure enough it took almost 30 minutes for a magpie to descend onto the field, quickly followed by crows, and then a hundred & fifty or so red kites.

The 'pecking order' went a little awry as heavy showers punctuated the afternoon so the following waves of 100 - 150 younger birds had to wait for both dry spells and crows to again land on the field.

A note for our disabled visitors. As August is the busiest month of the year it would be wise to aim to be here by 2pm if a place is to be found in the hides. Arriving later will find that there are already cars taking the available pull ins by the hides and space will be short too.

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