Thursday, 19 August 2010

More rehabilitation, plus today was a very wet one..

The latest kite to have been rehabilitated took to the skies again on Tuesday, I fail to get any photographs this time but the bird flew away strongly - Z1 is on its tags so it will be looked out for at feeding time.

Another red kite in trouble arrived yesterday. It was not able to keep anything down but an antibiotic injection has helped and the kite is eating today.

I had managed at last to bring images from the aviaries to our kite centre this morning but that fell to gremlins before the afternoon so audio/visual cabling will now be used to bring back the images while the existing network cable will be found other work around the farm.
I hope to get this up and running by the weekend.

This afternoon started off quite well with the rain forecast keeping away for the most part, until that is, the meat was put out for the kites. Thats when the intensity of the rain really increased and it continued for the greater part of the remaining afternoon.

This alone would not usually be a problem but today the crows steadfastly refused to come in until 5:40pm. This of course meant that the vast majority of our visitors today saw only distant red kites, and nothing of the usual spectacle, as few could wait over 2 hours without the certainty that they would see what they had travelled to Gigrin for. It's been a very stressful day!

Tomorrow the forecast is for light drizzle at worst, and a portion of the meat will be put well back in the field to give the crows a little more confidence with the hope that things will return to little more normality. Oh, for the return of the rooks! 

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