Friday, 20 August 2010

Better day at the feeding station

The kites were on time today so that helped my blood pressure stay somewhere like normal, unlike yesterdays disappointments.
While it again rained most of the earlier part of the afternoon it was very light drizzle so the crows were happy to fly into the arena and these were quickly followed by good numbers of red kites.

Tony Cross helped with mixing cement, and carrying concrete blocks for repairs to the rehabilitation aviaries this afternoon.

 Rats(!) appeared to have dug their way through a concrete block wall into the aviary at several points. We have used a mixture of rough concrete and glass to repair the holes and have added a row of blocks for the whole width.

With so many raptors in the area, and a few feral cats as well, we've not been troubled by vermin in recent years so this was a nasty surprise. 
We are now confident that the feathered occupants are safe and that the threat from the rodents is over. 

Our builders have  completed a revision of an underused area down at the hides. This has now opened up a photographic hide for those less able or wheelchair bound.
I hope to add a removable false front tomorrow as this would also allow those who are able to stand upright to use the hide.

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