Thursday, 29 July 2010

Red Kites in for rehabilitation

It's been a while since the last post but it’s also been very busy here.

The kite feeding is at 3pm as its been every summer for nearly 2 decades but as of the mid of July the kites behavior always changes and instead of coming in at the time of the food going out they instead wait for another species be it a crow, or magpie, to alight on the food.

Today, 20 minutes had past before crows started to come in but sure enough the kites then fell from the skies as soon as they saw their food being taken by ‘others’.


We currently have 3 red kites and a buzzard in for rehabilitation.

The buzzard is nearing its release date as its primary feathers are at last changing and flight will again become possible.

One of the adult red kites has a damaged wing and is unable to fly so will be here a while longer.

A second red kite has a damaged leg (seems to the fashion this year as it’s the 3rd so far..) and is receiving daily injections of antibiotics.

The third kite to arrive is one of this years chicks and my how it’s grown since it fledged in June.

This bird is malnourished so will be back with its siblings in the near future – Being under weight is the easiest of the maladies to address.`

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