Monday, 28 June 2010

Photographs from the nest and the feeding station

The image on the left is from a red kite nest, complete with chick, at about 80ft above the ground.

Robert Straughan, of Northern Ireland RSPB, very kindly took my HD video camera up into the canopy and took some amazing footage.
I'm currently trying to compress video for the web and will post links as soon as I have something usable (mbs rather than gbs!) This last week another 24 red kite chicks were brought back to Gigrin aviaries.  Having had their inspection by a DEFRA vet on Saturday evening, they left for Southern Ireland yesterday morning.

The number of kites visiting the feeding station has gone up dramatically..Food is scarce during the heatwave.

But for resizing for the web, these pictures have not been manipulated in any way.. The wings look deformed due to the way the kites feathers are compressed as it dives in at speed.

Capturing the moment that the  talons grasp the meat is my next goal.
With a westerly breeze and sunshine again forecast today it should be perfect for both filming and photographing these beautiful creatures.

While seeing the numbers coming in at 3pm is a wonderful spectacle, the better photographic opportunities come later in the day when individual kites become much easier to track.

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