Saturday, 27 March 2010

Red Kites and Summer Time

Today was the last day, for another 7 months, that the kites were to be fed at 2pm. 

We will still be open from 1pm but from Sunday 28th March (tomorrow) until the last weekend of October, the red kites will be fed at 3pm

We currently have a Buzzard and a Red Kite in our rehabilitation aviaries, with another red kite expected in on Monday.

I'm currently working on large species identification posters for the red kite feeding hides, with raven, rook, carrion crow, jackdaw, magpie, buzzard, and red kite, being the targets for this project. This has been something that I've long been promising but slow on producing.. 
Forecasters are now saying that we could see snow on tuesday night - thought we'd seen the end of winter!

Our local town, Rhayader, is becoming The Wildlife Centre of Wales.
The design of information pages for the web site are already in hand and other aspects are on going. The appearance of Gigrin on BBC Spring Watch last year was the spark. Watch this space - as the saying goes.

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