Monday, 22 March 2010

Back to the fray..

 Meat was in short supply when I got back on the Sunday so urgent phone calls were made the next day  and our local butcher came to the rescue. Supplies are now keeping up with demand again although we have still not sufficient to have back up of more than one day. 

I'd not seen the Black Kite here on the 15th or 16th March, and to be truthful I'd stopped looking for the bird, thinking it's Spring and the kite would likely be looking to find more of its kind, but on there is a sighting in Powys..

 I duly took out a short subscription, to dig a little deeper and, to my surprise, there are postings of the black kite still here on the the 17th so I'll be watching a bit harder tomorrow!

The new photographic hide has proved popular and helps take the strain from the standard hides on busy days.

The kites are taking food as soon as the meat hits the floor. Numbers of birds coming in for food are around the 200 +. The pecking order is well intrenched so there are still red kites coming for food beyond 4pm.

Which brings me to the coming weekend.
Sunday 28th March feeding will be at 3pm as we will all have lost an hours sleep when the clocks go forward.

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