Monday, 1 March 2010

Back in 10 days or so.. and the kites will still be fed

For the next 2 weeks Colin will be feeding the kites here at Gigrin. I'm escaping to recharge my batteries, and to hopefully repair a rather painful knee..

The numbers of red kites coming to feed are now dropping as they again pair up and leave for their nesting sites. However, there will still be a good number coming into the feeding station as there are some which will be nesting quite close to us, others will not have found a mate, and of course, the numbers of immature  red kites grow with each year passing. 

With lower numbers the photographic opportunities rise as the birds take more time choosing their food than when there is more competition.

Both the White (Lucistic) red kite, and the black kite have been seen flying over the field at the same time and some lucky photographers have even managed a to take red, white, and black kites in the same shot.

The new photographic Big hide has proved to be a hit so we now have  the choice of 3 different locations from which to take photographs or video.

While I'm away, as well as Colin feeding, on the gate will be Alan, Mary, or Colin.
in the shop will be Lorraine, my Mother, Mary, or Rachel. Colin and Alan will also give a hand when needed. So all should run as smoothly as usual, so long as the crows play fair. 
These black birds have, on a number of occasions, not been prepared to be first on the field. This has led the kites to back off as the "must be something wrong". It then takes a single crow, or a buzzard, to land on the food for the kites to immediately  descend from the skies but the wait for that one brave bird can sometimes test ones patience.

Thankfully, these occasions are infrequent but when they happen its time to settle back and wait. After all, these are wild birds.

News will appear here again in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure the black kite will still be coming in for food when I come back.

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