Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back to the news..Black kite & Snow

The Black kite is bringing in many photographers and watchers alike. All are very much appreciated over these expensive winter months when much more food is required.
The two photographs on the left show the black kite, and, below, a red kite. Both are eating food they have taken from the feeding station.

Earlier this week the Forestry Commission came to ask if we could provide them with meat to feed kites near Aberystwyth..
I was travelling around wales securing deliveries to feed the kites here at Gigrin during the snow storm last month so I really could not see how we could be running around to supply another enterprise.

Cutting up the meat for the kites at Gigrin is a major job and the FC wanted us to supply them with meat ready to feed so this was another reason for turning them down.

 Although 15kgs is not much, compared with the 80kg - 120kgs we use daily here at Gigrin, it would have meant us being responsible for the FCs supplies and, given what we had to do to secure enough food this winter, it is an extra responsibility we really don't require.

We have built another, larger, tower hide for photographers and although this has been open just one day it looks to be a welcome addition.

Below is a photograph I took of the hides and landscape this morning after the surprise arrival of 2" of snow.


  1. All the money the Forestry Commission have they should be assisting you......

  2. Nice shot, great view of the town and shows off the new photograpy hide well.