Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Snow Watch BBC 2 8pm Wednesday

BBC 2 are screening footage from around the UK on Wednesday evening.
This may have red kites on view..

With well over 500 red kites coming in for food every day it is important to keep up with their needs, and this is possible only if deliveries can get through.

Although our road is impassable to trucks I was able to meet our suppler in the town and collect another 500kgs, and another supplier is due to be met on Thursday, so we will once again have a full meat locker.

The Black Kite (or is it a Black Eared Kite?) is still here and comes in before I've put out the last of the food.
Several photographers have sent me images so a selection are here..

Kev Joynes

Tony Cross, Welsh Kite Trust

Phil Neale

Guy Edwards

It's snowing again this evening so quite what amount will be there to greet us by morning is anyones guess but the thaw cannot come too soon as the house and buildings have been without water for the last week.

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  1. Lovely to see the Black Kite the Bird Watchers on the Scillies are talking about it wish we were their with you now. Would we be able to purchase a picture of the Black Kite.