Saturday, 16 January 2010

Clear Roads, & the Black Kite..

Vehicles of all types can now drive to the farm as most of the snow has melted off hard surfaces. There is still ice about the farm but nothing to prevent cars, or folk on foot, from getting about.

The kites were slower coming in for their lunch today as the 'pecking order' of adults before young again swung into action.

The food has not been lasting much more than 20 minutes these past 4 weeks but with the thaw came a more leisurely approach to feeding with kites still taking food 3/4hr later.

The black kite had a good feed again today and even came back for seconds.
The photograph on the right was sent me by Janet Baxter.

This is another from Janet, and has a Red kite, White Kite, and  the Black Kite in view.

And another from Steve Littlewood has the Black Kite between a couple of Reds.

Colin will be feeding the kites for the third day tomorrow (Sunday).

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