Friday, 8 January 2010

The Black Kite

Here in all its splendour is the image that everyone has been after. It was not I who caught this kite on the ground but Kevin Joynes, who spent 3 afternoons in the tower hide, before capturing this photograph.

I had been in the same hide but was called back to the farm for 1/2 an hour .
On coming back I found two extremely happy photographers, who then shared the joy of seeing my face change as they explained how the kite had wheeled around the feeding area before landing in front of them..

Tomorrow is another day, so I'll see if I can get both film, and a photograph the bird.

Our drive is still accessible to 4x4s only.
Brynafon Country House, which is passed on the approach to the farm, has a large car park and has very kindly agreed to offer this to those who are unable to drive up the hill to the farm. A hot drink and more can be obtained from inside Brynafon.
The car park is covered in snow so please drive with care and look to your neighbours when returning to your vehicles.

1 comment:

  1. large bird kite shaped seen in Llandod over last two days flying solo in ne direction towards quarry pool.
    As its not being mobbed and is wrong colour for a red or a buzzard would this be a black kite.
    has distinctive white patches on underwings.
    Not the first time seen eitheras seen afew weeks ago.