Sunday, 17 January 2010

Black kite still here and seen by many

Colin Horlock fed the kites today, while I had a very rare and pleasant afternoon away from the farm celebrating a good friend’s birthday.
( <- red kite with food)
The Black Kite again made its presence known at feeding time.

It is now over ten days since we have had running water in the house and buildings.
 Somewhere under the concrete and tarmac that make up the farmyards is a pipe full of ice.
 The novelty of carrying water has long gone. Unfortunately, with the ground still frozen, it could be some time before normal service is resumed.

A plan has been made to bring a new pipeline through to the buildings, at a greater depth than those that are frozen, but its time scale is also dependant on the thaw.

Building of the new high-level photographic hide will soon commence, and the decision on the site of another public hide is also getting nearer. 

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