Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Black Kite and a Red kite

This black kite was here again today and was happy to sit in a tree along side another full of red kites prior to feeding time.

Professor Gareth Jones,School of Biological Sciences, Bristol, has very kindly sent me one of his photographs of yesterday.

 I've uploaded one of my Immature Red Kite images for comparison.

It is snowing heavily tonight yet again so the kites, white, black, and red will be in for their food without hesitation again tomorrow.

The main roads are kept clear here in Powys - the council do a great job of coping with winter weather.

I can't guarantee that our drive will be passable but Bryafon, which is passed (75m) before the farm, has kindly offered their car park for those without 4x4s.

The image on the left was yesterday morning and it was still snowing at that time.

It will be interesting so see what we have to wake up to tomorrow morning!

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  1. Thanks Chris for a fantastic two weeks at the farm. I took about 4000 pics which have been whittled down to a couple of hundred good ones.
    Shame I missed the black kite.