Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Black Kite, and now, Snow again

That Bird was here again yesterday, and was photographed by many, and seen by even more.
It has brought a lot of extra excitement to the Farm.

The sun shone, so red, black, and white kites were shown off to perfection.

I am waiting for some of those photographs, taken of the black kite yesterday, to land in my inbox.
I was busy feeding the birds so did not get an opportunity to capture its image myself.

Snow has arrived again.

We have about 2" so far, with more falling, and more forecast.

The Main roads are passable with care.

The stone we had put on our drive has migrated to the centre and sides but this is no bad thing as driving with one wheel on the left of the road gives grip to both wheels right up to the farm.

I don't know how many red kites to expect today as there were something at least 500 here yesterday. The kites usually know when bad weather is coming and come in large numbers the day before..

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