Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Red Kites in the Snow, as promised.

Click any for a larger picture. Enjoy!

Red Kites waiting for lunch
It was late this afternoon as the tractor refused to leave the building for about 10 minutes due to the icy conditions.

Getting closer to feeding time.
The kites were aloft well before the tractor appeared with food, due in no small part to the above situation. If you look closely to the larger image you should see a kite, in the middle of the picture, gathering itself to catch a piece of meat lost by a kite above.

Competition for the food..
Sunshine and snow makes for a heady mix of colour. I took video today too so will post a copy to the site as soon as I'm able.

Yes, Success!
Always good to see an individual get away without being molested by its brethren.

Not out of the woods yet
The chase is on as the foremost kite try's  to evade that pirate minded brethren.

Looking good
Aren't red kites fantastic?!

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  1. Can't argue with that! They are amazing. It's great to see some winter pics of them.

    Happy Christmas and a Sparkling New Year.