Monday, 23 November 2009

Red kites in their many hundreds are descending for food each day

Red kites in their many hundreds are descending for food each day  - the image on the left shows a small sample of the birds that visit Gigrin at this time of year. Despite the recent heavy rains the kites have been coming in on time.
 The annual problem with meat supplies has come around once again , and this time it is a good month earlier than other years. Our supplier in Herefordshire went out of business so we are now having meat brought in from  a greater distance. 

We have been promised a greater weight from the new supplier but lately they have been coming up short for our weekly needs. 
I hope to find out if this situation is going to continue later today.
"Bob, the Butcher" is our saving grace as his local business has been able to supply us with enough meat to carry through the weekends to date.

We currently have a buzzard in one of our rehabilitation units. The bird is in need of fresh primary feathers but it will be a good time before they are going to be replenished by new growth.
We are looking into providing more hide space. The siting of another hide for photographers is proving to be a lot easier than finding a suitable area for an additional 45ft hide for kite watchers. Work on both facilities is supposed to start later this winter so more study of the possibilities is urgently required.

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