Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Red Kites, and Road Works!

Red kites are increasing in numbers by the day but coming to see them has been become a trial for many motorists this week..

BT have contractors are digging up the road in Rhayader. This cuts us off from the town but is not the worst of the story as a mile and a half down the A470 those approaching from the South are confronted by a sign "ROAD CLOSED".
No! It is only closed in Rhayader!

So how to reach us.
Coming from the North or East.
About 3 miles east of Rhayader on the A44 is a road going off to the right to Nant Glas.
This will take you across to the A470.
Turn left onto the main road and follow for 2.5 miles, ignoring the road Closed sign.

If coming from the south A470, when 1.5 miles from Gigrin you will see the Road Closed sign. Ignore it, as both Brynafon Country House, and The Red Kite Feeding Station are reached 1/4 mile before the road is actually blocked.

If we had had notice of this work things would have been very different but as it is we have to do what we can to mitigate the problem.

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