Sunday, 13 September 2009

Red Kite Numbers Climb + News from the Rehab Centre.

The numbers of red kites descending for food has begun to rise as autumn beckons. The past three days have seen them arriving on time too, which is both good news for all our visitors, and my ever climbing stress levels.

Today we had TV cameras working here again - this time for the Wales Tourist Board
Its the first time I can remember that the WTB have recognised what the Gigrin Farm does for Mid-Wales. Not only do the red kites benefit from the 'top up' that has been made available to them each and every day of the year for the past 16 years, but the hotels, pubs, b&bs, fuel stations, etc., etc., all have more folk through their doors.
The results of the filming are, I have been told, to be made available in the future on a WTB DVD to promote Wales.

The beautiful bird on the right is over 20 years old, and is now able to fly figure of eights around the rehabilitation centre.

This kite will be re-joining its comrades in the not too distant future.
It should be noted that a red kite of this vintage will be found nowhere else in the UK.

The immature red kite (no. 63), that was a resident of the rehabilitation centre for the past few weeks, was released on Monday.

An update on this birds progress will be here in the not too distant future.

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