Thursday, 9 July 2009

Red Kite Rehabilitation aviaries back in action

All had been quiet in the rehabilitation aviaries since the red kite chicks went to Ireland last month but all of a sudden a flurry of action has come our way.

This red kite chick, showing off as I approached with food this afternoon, was the first to arrive. Its parent had been found dead, with signs of secondary poisoning - rat poison being thought the most likely culprit.

Red Kites, being opportunists will, happily take slow moving rodents, sometimes with dire consequences.

Yesterday, I went up to the aviaries and found Tony Cross had arrived with more rehab patients - one very under nourished adult red kite, and a young buzzard which had had an altercation with a moving vehicle.

And, this evening another red kite chick was brought in by a vet from some 11 miles away.
Rabbit and grey squirrel are on the menu for these birds.
I will keep this page updated with developments.

Despite having had some of the hottest days so far this summer the kites are still coming in first for the food. Other years a wait of upwards of an hour could be expected as the birds took advantage of the free ride provided by thermals and would wait for crows to alight on the food before slowly sinking back down but, the spectacle provided by the kites plunging down for food just feet away from the hides has continued without interruption so far. Some 200 or more are currently coming in for lunch.

The ITV Country Wise programme has done wonders for the locality in alerting many more folk to the beauty of this part of Wales. The effect has also been felt here with many more visitors than normal for the time of year.

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