Friday, 19 June 2009

Red kite chicks for Ireland

Its that time of year again - Red kite chicks heading for Ireland.

The first batch went over last weekend, as they have the past two years but this time it was not so easy at the border..
When Damian Clark, The Red Kite Project Leader in Ireland, came back to the farm it was with the news that the Irish Authorities had brought up a problem with the paperwork.
In the past I have signed off on the visual health of the chicks and verified that the farm is not under any disease controls. The farm is registered under the Balai Directive and as such I have the authority to sign the papers. This not now good enough for the Irish Republic as the licence now requires a ministry vet to verify the health and status of the farm.
The trouble is - DEFRA do not have a form for this..
Many telephone calls and faxes over this week have today resulted in a private vet being accepted for the checks, and, with that news, much relief all around. Below is a short video of the chicks in one of our rehabilitation aviaries.

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