Monday, 29 June 2009

ITV Country Wise at Gigrin

I missed to add that on Thursday (25th June) that we were again on TV - ITV Country Wise presented Gigrin and I've heard nothing but praise despite my not being able to hardly open my eyes during filming due to the sun, and reflector being used.
The red kites for Ireland project, based here at Gigrin, is managed by the Welsh Kite Trust, Golden Eagle Trust Ltd of Ireland, and the Northern Ireland RSPB. This information was not mentioned in the broadcast.
That apart, all went quite well. I just didn't manage to add the dates on this page before the relevant day.
The programme was very well received so a big thank you to the ITV team.
The programme is still available from the iplayer.
The kites are still coming in as fast as ever. Something I have been expecting to cease for some time.
Tomorrow (Monday) I have to be elseware so Colin Horlock, our very helpful meet-er and greet-er on weekends, will be putting out the meat for the kites.
I'll be back on duty on Tuesday.

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