Thursday, 9 April 2009

Spring time & bold red kites

With the onset of spring the kites seem in a great hurry to take food and return to whence they came.

The adults now come in well before any crows alight and are not afraid to take food as soon as the first meat has hit the grass.

Kites continue to take food until around 5pm. These later birds will be the youngest or else the lowest on the pecking order.
I'm now waiting for news from a data retrieval company as both my latest films, and photographs from the last 4 years and more, were all on a single back-up drive while two 1tb drives were away having fresh mechanisms fitted but calamity always comes in 3s and this drive became corrupted too!

I have high hopes for the retrieval of photographs but expect there will be losses in the film media.

We have been featured in the April edition of a Belgian Birding magazine "Mens & Vogel" - 12 pages!

Numbers of both Dutch and Belgian photographers have been amongst those who visited this past week so we've definetly gone international!!

Members of the Caravan & Camping Conservation Group were with us for a week and set about refreshing signage, benches, and generally doing jobs that need more than one pair of hands.

New directional signs are now around the nature trail - there should now longer be any problems with deciding which way to go.
The cartoon character is just one of a number I've had drawn up - more will appear in the hides soon as they depict the different species of bird that come to the feeding area.