Monday, 2 February 2009


Winter is certainly not over and, having seen the sheep voluntarily come down from the hill, snow or rain was not going to be far behind.

I awoke to around 1/2" of snow, but it has snowed all day so has mounted up quite quickly. The heaviest fall is due over night and tomorrow.

The first thing I went to do this morning was send out the 'snow alert' to those photographers who have subscribed for news of the white stuff here at Gigrin. Alas, this was thwarted time and time again. My ISP soon owned up to knowing why, and promised to "knock heads together". It was late afternoon before the messages finally left here so apologies to all those who I let down.

We have a reasonably good supply of red meat so despite the layer of snow the kites could readily see the food that I'd spread over the feeding area.

No sign of the usual mad rush today. The kites were much more deliberate than is normal, and instead, took time in seeking out a particular morsel before lining up correctly for the pick up.

The photograph on the right is not my best but, with snow falling down my neck in minus temperatures, it was a rushed job.

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