Friday, 27 February 2009

Red Kite Gallery

I know its been a while since I posted news here but, I have been working on the site.. 300 plus pages take a lot of time to convert to css so the 'new look' for the whole site is a little way off yet. I have however managed to find a little time to put a new page of images on the site:- Red Kite Gallery

The red kite pictured here was taken by Janet Baxter. The unusual markings make it quite unmistakable, even when surrounded by many of its brethren, with the white flashes of its primaries immediately catching the eye.
Numbers of red kites visiting the feeding station reached 500 when the winter weather was its hardest, but now that its milder the adults will be thinking of their nest sites so their numbers will gradually decline.

This will help those looking to take photographs as, with a few hundred kites spread over the afternoon, it should be easier to pick out individual birds..
Photographers are coming here from around Europe .. Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Holland , and more.

We've recently been featured on a large number of blogs, including that of Juan Carlos Muñoz of Wild The Belgium equivalent of the RSPB are featuring us in the April edition of their magazine, and the BBC are filming here early next month, so we are highlighted in the news quite often.

Powy CC are closing the Builth Wells Tourist Information Centre. This means the nearest to us will be Brecon - some 40+ miles away.
I do however note that the signage, that we've been pressing for for years, on both the East (A44) and North (A470/A44) roads , now include Gigrin Red Kite Centre, in both English and Welsh..

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