Sunday, 8 February 2009

Its Snow time!

Well, the snow piled in, and photographers from all over the country and beyond have been here this past 10 days.

The meat being taken out has been the greatest amount ever, as the number of hungry red kites have mushroomed during this latest spell of winter weather.

A certain 'feeding station' to the north of Rhayader was not in operation during the days the snow fell last week,  so we had an extra contingent of kites coming here instead.

 In 16 years there has not yet been a single day when the kites have gone without food here at Gigrin Farm. 

Having a third meat supplier has meant a far greater variety of types of food and this was extremely useful. 
The depth of snow meant that most of the kites natural food was buried. Given the fall we had had I was worried that the meat would disappear when thrown out, so, I used both the tractor, and the hand shovel, to lessen the depth that lay on the feeding area.
We also used much more red meat than we would have normally as this could still be easily seen even if it fell into the an area I'd not reduced in depth. 
Above: One of our happy customers leaving with its prize. 

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