Wednesday, 21 January 2009

White red kite and a red kite landing

Both the white red kite and a red kite are landing these days.
The white kite has been a very regular visitor since the weather got colder.

We've snow on the tops of the hills around us, but none any closer, much to the disappointment of the photographers..

The building repairs were almost finished but.. the recent storms have now stripped a section of slates from, what is now, the oldest barn on the farm, so another spell of work is required on its roof..

From now on, as well as these posts being accessible through the gigrin site, just as this is today, they will also be directly on a blog -

I chose to go this way for 2 reasons:

1) The news page has always become far too long before I divided the old posts off onto a new page - mainly because it took time to change all the links from other parts of the site to accommodate the new 'old' new page..
These are now automatically archived so that has anwered that problem.

2) It is now possible to subscribe to the page via the "Subscribe" links on the right so coming to the site and finding that I've added to the pages some time ago, or perhaps not added anything.., can be avoided. All the functions of the blog are now with the site so I hope this extra functionality is helpful.
In time I hope to host the blog pages totally within the gigrin site but that's outside my abilities at present!!

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