Friday, 12 December 2008

Sunshine and red kites

Sunshine and red kites make for a heady mix anyway but when individuals choose to land next to where I'm putting out the food it still surprises me enough to pause and stare. 2 kites have been bold enough to come close and feed - one is tagged, and the other (pictured here) is not. 

The meat locker has now a better look about it since my last post as three deliveries have been made this week. Tomorrow is 'Meat Cutting Day' and is when I'll discover just how many days worth I have in store. Progress, in building up a stock to cover the Christmas/New Year break, is slow, with just one day extra put aside so far this week. We need at least 14 days worth to cover the holiday period..

Temperatures have been hitting -7C over night so the ground is too hard for the kites to take worms etc. so numbers of birds visiting continues to rise.

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