Friday, 28 November 2008

Ferral black cat

At this time of year its mainly photographers who populate the hides. The kites are in full feather and the low winter sun helps to pick out those glorious colours. Numbers are at their highest at this time of year, although you may not have thought that today as a ferral black cat decided to make itself seen. The crows took flight and with that the kites went to the trees and it took an hour before they re-emerged to finish their meals. Cat mint may have be planted around the perimeter!

I'm working on a re-fresh of this site and with it hope to add much more interactivity, and more pages, including those on the rehabilitation that have been promised for so long.. The first attempt at a new design can be seen here. Your feedback would be most appreciated.

The order of a fresh touchscreen from has come to nought. That transaction is now in the hands of the creditcard company.. We have instead bought a ELO touchcreen and I've managed to reserect the hardrive containing the quiz etc so there will soon be more interactivity in the kite centre again soon.