Wednesday, 1 October 2008

UK re-introduction programmes

The autumn has brought with it some rare sunshine and with it more kites than I can remember being here at this time of year before.
Visiting kites from around the UK re-introduction programmes are not infrequent and this afternoon a kite from the Black Isle, North Scotland, was diving for food with the best of them. As can be seen on the red kite wing tags page, its Blue/Orange tag combination (below left) was the giveaway. Click for a larger image.

The white kite has been seen by fewer visitor of late as the increase in kites means a much later position in the pecking order and that is frequently too late in the afternoon for most folk.
We have had the wireless system repaired but.. at a cost. When it was installed we were not told that the company doing the work would be the only one in the country that could repair or replace components. Not having surge protectors in the intial installation resulted in component failures. Having no competition they can call the shots on pricing, and believe me they have! We will now cable the routes through which the video from the rehab unit and hide areas travel so that there will be a fall back position if/when the wireless fails again.

Meg, our 20 year old sheepdog, has left us for doggie heaven. She slept alot but would often come to see visitors on the warmer days. 20 years was a fantastic age for a working sheep dog and she was a very good one at that. Meg retired from her rounding up sheep duties when she was around 12.

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