Saturday, 20 September 2008

Kite in distress

The weather has been a major hindrance of course and has led to the kites being far more unpredictable with their timing. Some days they are right on time while on other occasions it has meant a long wait..

Last Sunday morning I received notice of a kite in distress in the upper Wye valley. I caught the bird and immediately recognised it to be extremely thin but having had success with the white red kite >>..I had every idea that I could do the same with this bird. Alas, this was not to be as the kite was no more by the next day. Starvation appears to have been the reason for its demise and the food was too late to make sufficient difference.

As you will doubtless have noticed, the buttons have disappeared from the top of the page. The javscript became mangled and I'd not enough spare time to sort it out in the short term so plain text links are now in place for the time being. Pages should load at least a little quicker..

The roof over a building on the yard, which has been used as a stock room, was known to be needing a repair but having been stripped of its cladding, it has now had to be taken down to the bare walls as the timber was declared to be no longer capable of supporting a roof! That was enough to contend with, but last weeks downpour found a weakness in the roof of the toilet block and this now has ceilings down and soggy walls - another major job for the builder.
That rare commodity Sunshine has made an appearance this week and the kites look fantastic as the colours are now seen in their true glory.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Grim discovery

One of red kite chicks we had here in the rehabilitation centre (red kite nursery) June for the re-introduction programme in Northern Ireland has been found shot dead.

"The grim discovery near the town and of Leitrim in South Co Down, comes just weeks after the bird was re-introduced to Northern Ireland after an absence of more than 200 years.

Tests carried out by the Police Service of Northern Ireland suggest the dead bird may have been killed deliberately. Both its wing tags and an identifying leg ring had been removed before the bird was recovered." Continued..