Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Touch screens damaged

The white kite is here most days now. It no longer comes in at the end of the afternoon but instead has the confidence to mix it with the second sitting of red kites. These are generally younger than those that feed at 2pm but are still well up the pecking order so the white kite must be feeling happier in their company.

Two of our touch screens have been damaged in the kite centre. I've managed to persuade one to come back to life but the other was well past saving so we ordered a replacement from hometouchsystems.com.. That was a month ago and it now appears that we are not the only ones to be left waiting for delivery so the card company is working on it. A sign of the times I expect.

We still have the builders working here - its now looking unlikely that the project will be finished within the next month..

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