Monday, 4 August 2008

Permission received

Its been a very busy time here so the news page has been quiet for an over long spell but I'm back in front to the screen again.. The kite brought in for rehabilitation has been released here today and a raven that had lost a foot due to being caught up in plastic binder twine on the nest has also been released after a spell in rehab to learn how to fly. It had been unable to exercise its one wing due to being tied to the nest but both wings are now the same size and the bird was able to fly with ease.

We've now received permission to stream video from the rehabilitation aviaries to the kite centre and.. the wireless system is out of action! An engineer is expected this week to repair the remote camera that overlooks the feeding area and he will also see what is required to get the wifi back up and running. Its a Swedish system and is very powerful.. when it works.

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