Friday, 18 July 2008

Another kite for rehabilitation

Tony Cross has brought in a young kite for rehabilitation. This one can fly although not strongly enough to make it out there with its bretheren Unlike the kites I had to hand feed, this one will readily feed itself, so no more pinched fingers!!

Of the earlier 3 adults and chicks, one adult was released back into the wild, while one other was found to have a spinal injury so was put to sleep, and the remaining bird failed wake up one morning - this one had been in an accident and although nothing was found to be broken, internal injuries took their toll.

Of the chicks.. one was found to have arthritis in a wing so was not viable while its sibling continued to grow stronger each day and was finally reunited with its parents. Two out of five may not look very good, but given their original problems it was in fact a far better outcome than was expected at first