Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Red Kites for Ireland..

The last 2 weeks have seen a total of 53 red kite chicks brought to Gigrin by members of the Welsh Kite Trust and the Golden Eagle Trust Ltd of Ireland. Both parties had to scale trees to find nests with more than one chick, take the smaller one from the nest, and transport it back here to one of the rehabilitation aviaries which had been transformed into a red kite chick nursery..>>

28 red kite chicks came in during the first week and left on the Friday for Ireland. The following week a further 25 much bigger chicks ( a week older) came in.
A film company, working on behalf of the RSPB, followed the first week right from the taking of chicks from nests to being brought back to the rehabilitation centre, being fed, and their subsequent transportation to Ireland. Madelaine Westwood of Nutshell Productions organised the rights from the RSPB for us the use of all that was taken here on the farm so that will provide an insight to the unseen work of the parties and will run in the Red Kite Interpretative Centre later this year.

I intend to add a full page of information on this exciting project, including images and film, as soon as I'm able.

At present I have 3 red kites in for rehabilitation but would far rather they were not here but in the bird hospital in Telford as I've not got the facilities that these birds require.

The first kite was found near to the kite feeding hides in a poor state having been 'downed' by heavy rain. The second kite was found on the main road some 30 miles from here and I collected it from a lorry driver who had stopped to pick it up as it flapped along the road.

Both these kites legs are as yet unable to hold their weight.

The third bird is extremely underweight and malnourished. It was brought in yesterday. This one is at least feeding itself now while the other pair take in turns to take pieces out of me as I hand feed them..

I hope to have more pages on both this and the kites for Ireland soon.

Kite numbers at the feeding station are high for the time of year but the news from the nesting sites is not good - The wet spring has left numbers of nests without a single chick.

Its been a while since I have added any news and I'm still unable to say much, but the picture on the right may be a bit of a hint..

So..With any luck I'll have some previously unseen footage and images to add to the site by the weekend.

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