Monday, 19 May 2008

So many kites are now feeding

So many kites are now feeding we have had to increase the food again.

I had dropped the amount of meat we fed for a month or so as numbers lessened for nesting but that has been turned on its head these past weeks.

Another bank holiday is not far away so I've been trying to update the information in the hides and on the boards.

The "North Warwickshire DA (caravan & camping club)" will be holding their annual Rally on the farm from Friday so thats another field to be cut this week - the kite feeding area has already had its first clipping. A bit like the lawn - there's no letting up now until the autumn!!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The holiday weekend was forecast to be a washout but we've seen sunshine each day with only the briefest of showers in the evening.
The white kite has been missing from the feeding session the past few weeks but this evening (7pm) is sitting high in the oak tree that overlooks the field (I missed to take a photograph due to other duties pressing on my time).

This kite is reported to be nesting just a few short miles from here and if it manages to bring up a chick I believe it will be first ever recorded to do so! Time will tell.