Friday, 25 April 2008

Kite numbers are still around the 100-200 and are coming in very quickly for the food.

On a different note..A shock has came in the cost of grass fertiliser prices this year.. last year 14 tonnes were purchased at a cost of £140/tonne but the price has now more than doubled to a staggering £375/tonne and is still rising. This is a major problem as animals need grass to eat and stocking rates cannot be lowered in the short term. In addition animal feed has now jumped from £120/tonne to £200+ so pressure is mounting on all sides..

I''m hoping to add a little interactivity on the site this coming week. A poll on the width of this sites pages is to be next on line - but, my ISP made some changes to the server that have disabled the php forms on the site today so it may be a little longer before I can implement my wishes..

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