Wednesday, 30 April 2008

they wasted no time

I still don't know quite what happened last Friday to make the kites hold back so long but today they wasted no time in coming in as soon as the first shovel of meat went out. Being nesting time the numbers are probably at their lowest for the year but are still a spectacular sight as they dive in for food.

I'm moved to make some changes to the site again and to that end I've set up a small poll in the hope that you'll place your preference on the width of pages this site uses.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Just 2 days later and the kites were very late

Just 2 days later and the kites were very late coming in in any numbers today. It was around 4:15 that they reached the norm and I've no idea why that occurred today. Tomorrow will be interesting! I've added the ability to add a Comment at the bottom of most pages on the site tonight so that's a little more interactivity than has been the case up to now.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Kite numbers are still around the 100-200 and are coming in very quickly for the food.

On a different note..A shock has came in the cost of grass fertiliser prices this year.. last year 14 tonnes were purchased at a cost of £140/tonne but the price has now more than doubled to a staggering £375/tonne and is still rising. This is a major problem as animals need grass to eat and stocking rates cannot be lowered in the short term. In addition animal feed has now jumped from £120/tonne to £200+ so pressure is mounting on all sides..

I''m hoping to add a little interactivity on the site this coming week. A poll on the width of this sites pages is to be next on line - but, my ISP made some changes to the server that have disabled the php forms on the site today so it may be a little longer before I can implement my wishes..

Friday, 11 April 2008

“Wales has an amazing diversity of wildlife and ..

First Minister Rhodri Morgan has paid a visit to the Red Kite Feeding Centre at Gigrin Farm in Mid Wales to see how we are preparing for the forthcoming season.

Rhodri Morgan said: “Wales has a great range of quality visitor attractions and a wide variety of options for days out and the Easter break presents a great opportunity for people to get out and about and discover what Wales has to offer.

“Wales has an amazing diversity of wildlife and the sight of so many red kites circling above the farm and then swooping from the skies for their daily feed was certainly impressive and a truly unique experience."

Jimmy Doherty of the BBC programme "Jimmies Farm" dropped in on Saturday together with film crew. Jimmy fed the kites - if in an unorthodox way. Rather that the food being thrown in an arc Jimmy chose to shovel the meat in heaps and kick the food to spread it on the field..

The gentleman in the suit, outside our Red kite Interpretative Centre, is the Mayor of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. The town of Llanwrtyd Wells is twinned with Cesky Krumlov and on a visit to the area, having previously viewed this web site, the Mayor had requested that a visit to Gigrin was included in his itinerary.

So, as can be seen above, last week was a very interesting one! We've now had the bill for the vet having visited to decide on whether we need a licence to transmit video from the rehabilitation centre - in excess of £300 - not bad for 1/2 an hours work, and we are still waiting for the decision on the licence!

A big thank-you to Onduline Ltd as they have kindly donated replacement sheeting for the entire roof of one of our 50ft hides. Snow last winter showed up a major fault in the roof - not enough timber had been used by the constructors so without support the sheeting had given under the weight of snow.
Onduline had sponsored the original roof so they are being very generous in doing it all over again. The sheeting lasts up to 25 years in normal circumstances and is ideal for the hides as it doesn't need painting, deadens the sound of rain or hail, and has high insulation properties. Our current builder knows what to do and work should commence next week.

I'll not be on the scene for the next 7 days so, as happened in January, family and friends are rallying around to keep everything running in my absence - I'm taking a laptop so urgent emails will still be answered, and the photographic hide bookings will still be taken.