Sunday, 30 March 2008

Clocks have changed

Kite feeding is now 3pm as the Clocks have changed and we can't tell the kites!

The kite feeding centre was visited by a VIP last week and a press release is due soon - details of the visit will then appear here.
Kite numbers continue to hold up and the atrocious weather of late meant that the food was gratefully received!
Meat supplies have been 'difficult' on times but we think we are now back on track with the number of suppliers having been increased. More 'news' will appear soon but the clocks changing meant a quick dip into the page was needed most urgently.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air and the kites have nesting on their minds so visiting the feeding station has to be a quick job! This means that they are far more bold, so much so that I have been a full 20ft nearer the hides when putting out the food of late and the kites still pour in so very close to the tractor!
We are short of help these days and with the holiday season getting nearer the need to have more hands on the job gets all the more pressing. As we open at 1pm there are only a few hours in the afternoon to fill but these can be extremely busy! Feeding the kites is one job to fill for short spells as I cannot be there every single day anymore.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Red Kite numbers are still holding up despite the time of year meaning many should now be thinking of other things. Nesting takes place this month and the next so courtship is on the cards for many. The rough weather m-ay well be reason for the numbers coming in. Birds are not waiting for me to drive away any more but dive in close to me as I put out the food.
We've lost one of our dogs this week. Bessie, pictured both here and on the "Really Wild" page. While on times not terribly sociable , she was both my close companion and our guard dog at night for ten years or more and is sadly missed.

Tony Cross brought in a kite for rehabilitation last week but it was soon recognised to be far too poorly for our facility so later in the day it was taken to a bird hospital for treatment.

We are still waiting to hear whether we are allowed to transmit video from the rehabilitation centre. Watch this space!