Friday, 19 November 2010

Over 400 kites + Update on the Nikon Photography Course

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Well over 400 red kites have been feeding at Gigrin this past week and the first birds come in as I put the food down so I am hoping for better weather next week as my filming came to nought these past 7 days.

Part of the problem was that on the only sunny day I had to use the blue (Landini) tractor as the Red (Zetor) wouldn't start after the nights frost.

The kites are unaccustomed to seeing the meat delivered by anything else than the red tractor so stayed well back until I'd left the area.

Colin fed the kites today and will be again tomorrow so I'll be looking towards Sunday and the week ahead for a days sunshine.

The Nikon Photography Course to be held here on Wednesday 26th January 2011 is now fully booked, but following the success of the take up an additional day has been added so there are now spaces on Tuesday 25th January.
Apart from the obvious advantages of having guidance from a professional photographer, there will also be opportunities to try out Nikon telephoto lenses on your camera without the outlay of buying these optics.

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